Tuesday, January 5, 2010

whatever possessed me ...

to think that i could seriously keep up a blog, maintain my household, work on my certificate of fiber arts, coordinate craft sales, make christmas happen, stay in relatively good shape ... etc ... but i think i did a pretty good job ...

so let's take a wee peek at some of the highlights from 2009:

amy turned the magical 13
beth turned, gasp, 47
jake learned to knit
jake and i flew to monterey to visit friends
along with some friends, our family spent a week on san juan island
i bravely put some items in my etsy shop
i had my first sale on etsy
i put more things in my etsy shop
the kids and i flew to ontario and then to prince edward island and spent a blissful two weeks with my sister
jake turned 11
i returned to school for my certificate of fiber arts
jeff turned more than 11
i started planning the happy valley arts and crafts fair
i began a blog
i created more and more
jeff retired temporarily but hasn't really stopped working although he now has time for nerf gun wars with his wife and children
and so on
and so forth ...

it's been a good year ...

but alas a new year has begun ...

and by now, a few of you have probably broken resolutions ... i wisely made my resolution to not make any resolutions and i'm doing extremely well so far ... there is a chance that this might be the one year that i actually do not break my resolution(s) ...

but while my knobby knees are still shaking from a busy fall 2009, i wish you
all the best for 2010 ...

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